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Doshdik Non-Profit Organization plays an important role in the economic and educational development of Bangladesh’s children and youth. For the last 10 years, it has been involved in several social programs, aimed at improving the quality of life in rural Bangladesh. To this effect, it has mobilized the youth and also the entertainment industry in Bangladesh to create massive awareness. As a socially conscious organization, it is also creating awareness through print and internet technologies.


The organization also publishes “Doshdik”, a monthly variety magazine that showcases write-ups from several prominent authors. Among others, it focuses on expatriate life in Japan, and its diverse culture. Currently this magazine is distributed free of charge in several countries (including Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh).







Doshdik is a variety magazine that focuses on the following issues:

  1. Expatriate Life of Bangladeshis in Japan
  2. Bengali and Japanese Cultural Events
  3. The socioeconomic landscape of Bangladesh
  4. Business and Employment opportunities in Bangladesh & Japan
  5. Science & Technology News
  6. Health and Sports related news
  7. Lotable International Events


Doshdik is published once every month. It is distributed free of charge in Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh.


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As a part of our digital expansion strategy, we have created and proliferated several videos in prominent international social media as follows:













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